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我们决定断绝同Christianity Daily的关系,直至疑团消除。

8月11日,北加州韩国教会協會联合会(属下8个教会协会)在峡谷溪(Canyon Creek)韩国教堂举行其月会,与会委员们对下列问题的立场达成一致意见。

1.直到关于Christianity Daily的疑团被充分解开,我们将暂时拒绝向Christianity Daily提供支持,并且北加州韩国教会联会亦将对此事件展开独立的调查。我们是在考虑了王永信牧师/博士于7月17日在洛杉矶举办的新闻发布会后通过了这项决定。王博士作为发言人在将于8月28日至31日期间举行的2008年北加州使命大会中,陈述了他对于Christianity Daily创办人的神学有强烈怀疑,会上王博士还向其他教会领袖发出了警告。我们的这一决定亦是基于香港基督日报事件独立调查团 的发现和韩国基督教总联合会(韩基总)下属的异端对策委员会的委员们目前正在开展在此事件上独立的调查这一事实而作出的。




北加州韩国教会联会主席:SHIN, TAE HWAN牧师


注意:Christianity Daily与基督教邮报(Christianpost)、今日基督徒( Christiantoday)、以及基督日报(The Gospel Herald)同是张大卫的媒体。

Decision to Hold back Relationship with Christianity Daily
Until the Suspicion is DissolvedNorthern California Korean Churches Association (8 Associations) held its monthly meeting at Canyon Creek Korean Church on August 11th and consequently the members have agreed to the following position on the matter.
1. Until all the suspicion about Christian Daily is clearly dissolved, we will temporarily hold back support to Christianity Daily, and the Northern California Korean Churches Association will conduct it own investigation in the matter. This decision was made in consideration of the press conference held in Los Angeles on July 17th by Rev. Dr. Thomas Wang (王永信), a speaker at upcoming 2008 Northern California Mission Conference to be held from August 28th to 31st, where Dr. Wang made a statement about strong theological suspicion he has on Christianity Daily’s founder and where Dr. Wang sent a warning to other church leaders. Our decision was also based on the findings of the Independent Enquiry Committee of Hong Kong and the fact that the Heretical Inquiry Consultation Committee members of the Christian Council of Korea (CCK) are currently conducting their own investigation in the matter.
2. Northern California Korean Churches Association (8 Associations) hereby affirms that we will proceed with our comprehensive research to protect the evangelical faith of all the member Associations, member churches and individual members within our organization; and to assist them in maintaining the righteous and sensible Christian life.
3. In addition, we would like to ask each church and members to accept those brothers and sisters with warmth if they truly repent and return to us from any suspicious organizations, and to assist those brethren to settle well within our established churches.
August 20, 2008
San Francisco Peninsula Korean Church Federation
San Jose Korean Church AssociationSolano Korean Church Association
Association of Churches in Contra Costa CountySacramento Korean Church
AssociationEast Bay Korean Church AssociationNorth Bay Korean Church
AssociationMonterey Korean Church Association
President: Rev. SHIN, TAE HWAN


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